Amalgam – The Base Raider



The latest send in Big name Trek Fleet Command is the Amalgam. Because the title signifies, it’s a mixture of different ships. There’s a wing of a Klingon Hen-of-Prey, portions of a Botany Bay, slightly of a Romulan Centurion, and a Federation warp nacelle, and different random flotsam and jetsam. It’s essentially a base raider, and one that can comes with its personal opposed grinding mechanic with some nice rewards.

To me, it looks as if a move between Babyface from Toy Tale…

And the clinical send from The Empire Moves Again, which consistent with Google, is a “Nebulon-B Frigate.” I comprehend it’s laborious to inform between the Nebulon-A and the Nebulon-B. Only a few can.

Amalgam Send Skill

amalgam build

After successful a struggle, if the objective has extra sources than the Amalgam’s to be had Shipment Area, the Amalgam fills its Shipment Area after which takes an extra 0.01% of the rest sources. This talent best turns on if the Amalgam’s has to be had empty Shipment Area ahead of attacking.

So this send can lift greater than its overall shipment area and depends upon the volume of unprotected sources that the objective station has. This bonus begins at .01% out of the field, and maxes out at .1% on a maxed Amalgam.

This bonus is added for your send’s shipment. This gained’t make all that massive a distinction in the event you’re raiding a base with a couple of million in sources, however let’s check out a handy guide a rough case find out about.

Let’s say you’re raiding a base that’s were given 35 billion in parsteel. The bonus with a child Amalgam goes to be 3.5 million parsteel. On a maxed Amalgam, this turns into 35 million parsteel.

And the bonus comes on most sensible of its base shipment, and no matter bonuses and staff you set aboard.

For comparability, listed below are the bottom shipment ranges for a couple of survey ships. The Amalgam, which you’ll be able to get at degree 31, is similar to a G4 Hydra, and higher than the G3 faction miners. And whilst it pales compared to the G5 Nova, it could actually nonetheless use its bonus to blow that out of the water.

TIER Antares Amalgam Hydra Nova
1              262,500              525,000              800,000          3,500,000
2              489,000              800,000          1,100,000          4,020,000
3              722,160          1,100,000          1,410,000          4,540,000
4              963,000          1,425,000          1,740,000          5,060,000
5          1,212,560          1,775,000          2,060,000          5,580,000
6          1,471,780          2,125,000          2,390,000          6,100,000
7          1,741,420          2,500,000          2,720,000          6,620,000
8          2,021,800          2,875,000          3,050,000          7,140,000
9          2,350,000          3,300,000          3,400,000          7,660,000
10          3,750,000          8,180,000
11          4,120,000          8,700,000
12          4,500,000          9,220,000

Value to Improve

The Amalgam will take G3 survey portions, crystal and ore on the decrease ranges, and transition to G4 at tier 6.

It additionally takes Amalgam Portions. See how you can get the ones underneath.

The Amalgam PvE Loop

It’s slightly just like the Discovery loop, the place you get Discovery Refinery Tokens by means of finishing the Anomalous Phenomenon match that you’ll be able to use to open chests that come up with speed-ups Discovery staff recruit tokens, and so forth., or the Stella loop the place you get rewards for accumulating Eclipse Safety Codes, there’s an Amalgam PvE loop.

It’s PvE serve as for a decidedly PvP send.

Destroying the brand new Klingon or Romulan Provide ships will garner you “Plundered Shipment.”

That Plundered Shipment can also be became in on the Amalgam Refinery, for Amalgam portions to improve your hip and a possibility at Amalgam Refinery tokens.

In flip, the ones Amalgam Refinery Tokens will open chests that provides you with Honorguard Worf shards, recognition consumables, and send pores and skin shard trackers.

The ones send pores and skin shards might be exchangeable for refits for the USS Undertaking, D4, Augur, and ISS Jellyfish. Or you might want to use them to buy Refractive Beam, Positron Phaser, or Plasma Blast projectiles. This may be the way you’ll get the cloaking instrument for the Amalgam.

The Undertaking, Augur, and D4 refit shards will value 90 of the send shard trackers each and every. Say that ten instances rapid.

The Constellation refit for the ISS Jellyfish will run you 75 each and every.


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