DC Worlds Collide Best Superheros Tier List


For the entire DC fanatics who’re looking forward to the all-new recreation, DC Worlds Collide the wait is over. This wonderful recreation has been evolved through Nurse and it’s now an formally approved recreation. DC Worlds Collide has been soft-launched in explicit areas and it’s now to be had for all avid gamers on Android gadgets.

DC Worlds Collide is an all-new turn-based battler the place the participant wishes to gather and teach the quite a lot of superheroes and the supervillains from the DC universe. Being DC fanatics everyone knows that DC’s have probably the most tough persona and on this recreation, there are greater than fifty characters together with our favourite heroes like Batman, Superman, flash, and in addition marvel lady. All of the factor that you want to do is acquire and improve your superheroes and the supervillains and you want to win together with your technique within the idle battles.

All of the DC Worlds Collide, heroes had been divided into three-tier lists which can be Mythical Tier, Epic Tier, and Elite Tier. So let’s get began.

Mythical Persona Tier

Let’s get started with the most productive tier of heroes on this recreation. On this mythical tier record, there are most effective 5 mythical superheroes and so they all are tremendous tough. All 5 are S+ rank. Those characters are:

  • Superman – Everyone knows the facility of Superman and within the recreation, this hero has the similar energy as we would like. Superman is a tank who can assault each and every persona at the enemy staff and will upload 2 stacks of burn. On the time when the stacks detonate, he positive factors bodily harm aid. On the time when Superman takes deadly harm, he does probably the most Superman factor, like gaining immunity for 1 spherical. 
  • Lex Luthor –  Lex Luthor is a supervillain tank who can reinforce his staff in quite a lot of techniques. Take into account that he can protect his allies and take away their debuffs additionally, however too can rally them to combat through granting them additional elementary assaults, which is able to appear very a lot tough.
  • The Flash
  • Marvel Girl – Marvel Girl is an AoE damage-type hero who can buff her allies through granting them crit harm bonuses. Marvel Girl can inflict silence and in addition stun her enemies.
DC Worlds Collide best characters listDC Worlds Collide best characters list

Epic Characters Tier Checklist

Within the epic characters tier record, you’ll to find 9 Epic characters, which can be lately within the recreation. All the ones 9 belong to the DPS magnificence.

  • Batman – Batman persona can simply assault an enemy more than one occasions and will deal bodily harm whilst making use of a stack of ‘Armor Ruin’ in step with hit. Batman too can take down tanky enemies rapid from which it turns into simple to your staff.
  • Superboy – Superboy is a singular persona on this recreation, and his tactical resonance skill makes him a staple in any roughly ‘burn’ staff.
  • Poison Ivy – Poison Ivy is all about causing poisons on her enemies. Take into account that the extra stacks of poison they’ve, the extra harm they are going to do, and in case you have the correct synergies then she will do so much.
  • Constantine – Constantine is without doubt one of the perfect true AOE harm devices on this recreation which you’ll to find on this recreation. Constantine may also be very efficient in any staff comp, as he doesn’t want synergies for dealing heaps of wear and tear.
  • Purple Hood – On this recreation Purple Hood, is a personality that has the possible to do very prime, unmarried goal bodily harm. Purple hood’s final transfer, ‘Resurrection’, will convey him again to existence after two rounds.
  • Firestorm – Firestorm, as a DPS persona, at the next rank, and with the correct synergies, Firestorm persona turns into an excellent harm broker. 
  • Inexperienced Arrow – Inexperienced Arrow is a personality who can assault each and every enemy unit along with his talent ‘Rain of Arrows’, and in addition understand that the fairway arrow is superb at clearing the board.
  • Robin – Robin, is a hero who can deal massive quantities of wear and tear to the enemy. Robin too can rate the again row for attacking a unmarried goal thrice whilst he applies a stack of bleed each time on the time he does harm.
  • Starfire – Starfire is a personality who can deal prime quantities of wear and tear to an enemy row and too can dispel certainly one of their buffs.
DC Worlds Collide Tier list for beginnersDC Worlds Collide Tier list for beginners

Elite Characters Tier

All of the characters which can be discussed beneath may also be deemed as okay-type characters from which you’ll be able to play. However on the time when you’ll be able to substitute them after you have a greater, higher-tier hero. On this Tier, there are a couple of amongst them who’re very attention-grabbing.

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Let’s get started with the DPS characters of this recreation.

  • Huntress A+
  • Black Manta A-
  • Scare Crow A+
  • Replicate Grasp A-
  • Killer Croc A
  • Cheetah A-
DC Worlds Collide new tier listDC Worlds Collide new tier list


Here’s the Elite reinforce Persona

  • Black Cannary – Black Cannary is an A+ hero. He can use it within the past due recreation if they’re very prime rank.
  • Purple Robin – Purple Robin is an A+ hero, which you’ll be able to use within the past due recreation if they’re very prime rank.
  • Harley Quinn – Harley Quinn is an A class hero and he’s very RNG founded.
  • Deadshot  – Deadshot is an intriguing unit, he additionally calls for a large number of funding to be helpful.

Tank Characters

  • Captain Chilly – Captain Chilly is an A class hero. Captain Chilly’s skill is the protect, frontline and he does the wear aid buff is at all times great.
  • Mr. Freeze S – Mr. Freeze is an S class hero. He’s a solo tank or we will be able to say him as a reinforce tank as a result of he’ll prevent repeatedly.
  • Phantom Stranger – Phantom Stranger could also be an A class hero and he can protect himself plus another best friend with the best possible assault.
  • Clayface – Clayface is an A class hero. He’s a meat protect. Doesn’t be offering a lot offensively, despite the fact that.
  • Frankenstein – Frankenstein begins to develop into reasonably first rate at max rank.
DC Worlds Collide character tier listDC Worlds Collide character tier list

That’s all concerning the DC Worlds Collide Tier Checklist. For more info, you’ll be able to additionally test the DC Worlds Collide Legit Web page.

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