Duality, Arc 3: Syndicates, Presets and Martok



A brand new arc is right here, and there’s a large number of new stuff to pore over. A brand new recreation mechanic, every other researcher, extra researcher, and one among my all-time favourite characters.

A Complete New Recreation Mechanic – The Syndicate

The Orion Syndicate first entered Trek lore in the second one season TOS episode, Adventure to Babel. It’s an episode that’s most definitely extra well known for being the debut of Spock‘s father, Sarek. An Orion secret agent, surgically altered to seem like an Andorian murdered diplomats to check out to begin a battle.

In Big name Trek Fleet Command, the Orion Syndicate characteristic will praise you with buffs, day-to-day purpose enhancements, an unique officer (see Ghrush beneath), and after years of inquiring for it, Officer Presets.

How it works is that you simply’ll have a Syndicate degree, and also you’ll advance that degree via a loose day-to-day declare at the Syndicate display screen, in the course of the loose observe of this month’s Fight Cross, and for individuals who haven’t any persistence, via in-app purchases.

The upper your degree, the larger the praise buffs you’ll get. The ones buffs provides you with bonuses to useful resource manufacturing and coverage, mining pace and load area, warp pace, restore pace, scrapping pace, struggle buffs, and Faction rep achieve.

This could also be the best way you’ll liberate the officer preset slots, with a most of 10 slots to be had. Every preset will mean you can save a three-member bridge workforce. Not anything beneath decks, sorry. You’ll be capable to rename your crews, which is a pleasant characteristic.

To get right of entry to the presets, for your workforce display screen, you’ll click on in this little blue button in your send’s workforce display screen.

Clicking that may take you to this display screen, the place your presets, when you liberate them, will move.

Expanding your Syndicate degree can even give a boost to the useful resource, Frequency modulator, and Faction rep, and Faction token rewards that you simply’ll get for finishing your day-to-day objectives.

The brand new officer, Ghrush may also be earned via Syndicate development. You’ll get sufficient shards to liberate him at degree 5, and sufficient to max him out at degree 25.

To get right of entry to your Syndicate display screen, you’ll click on in this icon at the most sensible left of your display screen.

And from there, you’ll see this display screen, which provides you with your Syndicate standing.

3 New Officials

This I’m extra enthusiastic about than perhaps I will have to be. We’ve were given two uncommon Klingon officials, and an epic Orion Syndicate one.

In the end, one among my favourite Big name Trek characters ever, Normal Martok is within the recreation. He’s the primary persona who debuted on Deep House 9 to look.

Martok will build up the kinetic weapon harm of your send, and build up the workforce’s dodge. So this makes him a have compatibility to your interceptors.

We’ve additionally were given Gowron. He’ll provide you with a spice up for your send’s power harm, and build up your send’s overall Group Well being.

Gowron and Martok are within the Khitomer’s Revenge workforce and provides you with synergy with Honorguard Worf.


And an Orion Syndicate officer named Ghrush. Sounds to me like thrush, which I assume is a great foundation for an Orion identify.

He’s an officer authentic to STFC, which once more, turns out like a waste of the license, however he’s an epic officer who you’re going to wish. He’s going to provide you with a secure shipment spice up, which is good, however I feel I’m extra eager about his officer skill, which will give you a proportion spice up for your Warp Vary, beginning at 6%, and dealing up from there.

3rd Researcher

There might be a 3rd analysis slot. You’ll liberate it via acquire. And this might be at hand as a result of now there’s…

Extra TC Analysis

Already one of the crucial helpful analysis bushes, the Territory Seize Tree might be getting 21 new nodes this month.

5 of them might be to be had beginning at ranges 25 to 35, whilst the opposite 16 will open up beginning at ranges 40+.

The excellent news is that there’s no new foreign money right here, they all will price Iso-emulsion and/or current TC Analysis debris.

They’re damaged up essentially into Struggle and Application purposes. So in struggle, you’ll be capable to get greater harm vs. factions, greater harm towards stations, send stat enhancements, and diminished crucial hit probabilities for enemies.

At the application facet, warp pace will increase, impulse pace will increase, quicker analysis, development and service, greater send XP features, and every other one having to do with knowledge whilst cloaked.

To provide you with a couple of examples, “Warp Coil Enhancement,” unlocks with a degree 25 R&D Division, and offers a three% pace bonus, maxing out at degree 10, with a 40% bonus.

“Breach Attack”, to be had with R&D degree 40 provides you with a 20% build up at degree 1 when attacking stations. Degree 49 gamers will be capable to max this out to 150%.

“Complete Impulse,” which unlocks with a degree 35 R&D Division will give you a +2 impulse pace bonus and maxes out at +20 at R&D 44.

And two extra Cloaks

This month, we’ll have cloaking gadgets in the stores for the ISS Jellyfish and the Sarcophagus.

The cloaked Jellyfish provides you with a spice up for your send’s harm. It’s a pleasant characteristic, however for the reason that the Jellyfish is essentially a opposed searching and armada send, I’m no longer certain how a lot use it’ll be. It’s no longer like you wish to have to sneak up on hostiles.

The one who will make a larger distinction in observe would be the Sarcophagus cloak.

The Sarco is a sitting duck because it lumbers against a seize node, and this will likely lead them to a lot, a lot more efficient in Territory Seize battles. Now not will they take a prone minute to go the display screen, however as an alternative be capable to sneak undetected to a node, after which get an extra bonus whilst attacking it.

It might be a neat characteristic for a USS Discovery to look via its cloak, however this isn’t within the recreation.

Plus a brand new Projectile…

Not anything relatively stocks the spirit of the vacation season greater than a brand new weapon with which to smite your enemies. You’ll be able to truly listen the soul of Andy Williams continue to exist right here.

The brand new projectile is relatively actually snowflakes that provide you with a 20% harm spice up. It’s formally referred to as the “Cryonic Blast Projectile.”