February Battle Pass Answers – Carnac’s Guide to Star Trek Fleet Command



Excellent morning. This one took me just a little longer to get out than I’d was hoping, however right here they’re – the solutions to this month’s Fight Go contest. As soon as once more, I used to be inspired by means of the standard of solutions that I were given this month.

Query 1

The damage that both didn’t, or did, kill Geordi within the TNG episode Parallels.

So the episode here’s Parallels, the only the place Worf is hopping between realities each and every time he will get close to Geordi’s VISOR. Early within the episode, Geordi is injured by means of Plasma Burns when Worf arrives in a brand new fact to seek out the controls on his station have modified, and he can’t elevate the shields. In every other soar, Geordi died from the similar damage.

The couple within the photograph is the Vaudeville/Radio/Early Tv comedy staff of George Burns and Gracie Allen. You’ll be able to to find a large number of episodes on YouTube, and so they’re unbelievable. Gracie Allen’s paintings is so just right it will have to be studied. The illogical common sense that she needed to ship is amazing.

Listed below are only some of my favourite Gracie Allen strains.

  • “A chum requested her physician if a lady will have to have youngsters after thirty-five. I stated, “Thirty-five youngsters is sufficient for any girl.”
  • “They laughed at Joan of Arc, however she went proper forward and constructed it.”
  • “When I used to be born I used to be so stunned I didn’t communicate for a yr and a part.”

So the right kind resolution is Plasma Burns and Allen.

Query 2

Wrote Deep Area 9 for Fantastic Stories Mag.

The episode in query is the DS9 episode Some distance Past the Stars. I’m no longer positive I will be able to do justice to describing simply how just right Avery Brooks was once on this episode taking part in Benny Russell, so I’ll put a clip right here, and allow you to see for your self.

I’m positive this episode and the fantastic performances of Brooks will arise a super deal extra as we get to Deep Area 9.

The violinist above is Benny Kubelski, identified to the arena as Jack Benny. The Jack Benny Program debuted at the NBC Blue radio community (the forerunner of ABC) in 1932. It ran on radio till 1955, overlapping with the tv model, which ran from 1950 till 1965. Jack was once the grasp of the response pause. It was once a method later copied by means of Johnny Carson. It was once Jack’s skill to pause that made him one of the vital greats.

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Combining the 2, you get Jack Benny Russell.

Query 3

Species that made their debut of their debut at The Remaining Outpost. The laser whips had been terrible.

It was once the Ferengi who debuted within the TNG episode, “The Remaining Outpost.”

The image is the comprehensive Don Knotts, taking part in Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Display.

So damage the 2 in combination, and also you get Barney FiFerengi.

Query 4

The primary episode to function a Bajoran.

The debut of the Bajorans got here within the TNG season 5 episode, Ensign Ro. It’s additionally the primary look of Mot the Barber. Ro was once at first supposed to be a first-rate personality on Deep Area 9, but if actress Michelle Phillips grew to become down the sequence, the function was once remade as that of Primary Kira.

The image, clearly, is the fantastic Elizabeth Bernard Law Montgomery, taking part in Samantha Stevens on Bewitched.

And in the event you’ve ever idea I spend an excessive amount of time on such things as this, there’s one man who’s made a listing of the entire animals that seemed on Bewitched. Truly. And it’s a blessing at the global that he did.

So the solution here’s Samantha StevEnsign Ro.

Query 5

Station commanded by means of Gul Dukat.

The station that Gul Dukat commanded was once Terok Nor, the Cardassian title for Deep Area 9.

As to the image clue. So I tousled. And it insects me. Some other folks went with Robert Hogan, and so they all were given credit score for that for granted resolution. However one overlapping letter wasn’t actually what I used to be going for.

The solution I used to be searching for was once Primary Hochstetter, performed by means of Howard Caine. The splendidly over-the-top efficiency of Caine was once all the time a spotlight.

Right here’s a super Hochstetter montage.

The solution was once Primary HochstetTerok Nor, however I reluctantly authorised Terok NoRobert Hogan.

Query 6

DS9 episode the place Sisko, O’Brien and Odo cross undercover to infiltrate Ty’Gokor.

The episode was once a super DS9 providing, Apocalypse Emerging. Except for Michael Dorn relishing seeing his fellow actors Avery Brooks, Colm Meaney and René Auberjonois placing at the laborious Klingon make-up, it was once notable for the demise of the changeling Martok, and the Common Chang statue.

The picture is that of actor Tim Reid as WKRP deejay Venus Flytrap. In the event you haven’t noticed WKRP (the unique, no longer the bleak reboot,) it’s value your time. Truly underrated sequence.

Every other factor. This query was once at first intended to be about Dr. Johnny Fever, as a remembrance of Howard Hesseman, who we simply misplaced closing month. However I couldn’t to find anything else to damage with Fever. I assume I may just’ve seemed for one thing finishing in – document, or -doctor. Anyway, Hesseman was once a actually humorous man, and every other actor from my early life who’s now long gone.

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So the solution to query 6 is Venus FlytrApocalype Emerging.

Query 7

At the different aspect of the reflect, they keep watch over Earth. And a large number of different issues as neatly.

I’ve by no means been an enormous fan of the reflect universe episodes, however they’re a a laugh idea. In addition they gave us one of the vital extra attention-grabbing MST3K episodes.

The photograph is that of Gabe Kaplan as Gabe Kotter. Welcome Again, Kotter was once in accordance with Kaplan’s standup regimen.

So the solution for query 7 is Gabe KotTerran Empire.

Query 8

Vulcan science officer who didn’t reside lengthy… thankfully.

The textual content trace is a referent to Megastar Trek the Movement Image, and one of the vital extra annoying scenes of any Megastar Trek movie. The place the Endeavor is making an attempt to beam up Commander Sonak and a feminine officer, and it is going… badly.

Sonak was once performed by means of an Egyptian immigrant, Jon Rashad Kamal. Kamal was once the great-grandson of the second one to closing Ottoman Sultan, Mehmed V. Mehmed was once the Sultan throughout International Warfare I. I’m lovely positive that that is the primary connection with the Ottoman Empire in this web page. May well be the closing. Who is aware of.

The image is one among my favorites, Nicholas Colosanto, taking part in Trainer Ernie Pantusso on Cheers. And this was once the comic story that may right away make you like the nature.

Colosanto, by means of the best way, was once adorned for his carrier in america Military throughout International Warfare II and was once making plans on being an accountant after the conflict.

The solution here’s Ernie PantusSonak.

Query 9

Worf’s debut episode on Deep Area 9

Once more, I tousled in this one slightly bit. The episode is The Manner of the Warrior, and in my head, it was once simply Manner of the Warrior, leaving out the “The.” This didn’t commute many of us up, nevertheless it insects me that I overlooked it.

The photograph is from the 80s NBC sequence, ALF. Rising up within the 80s, the pilot for ALF was once one of the vital few top time displays that I vividly take note everybody speaking about in class tomorrow. Rewatching it, it doesn’t actually dangle up, however you need to give it to ALF writer Paul Fusco, he made a complete occupation from a puppet he had mendacity round his area.

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By way of the best way, right here’s the theme music to the ALF animated sequence, which is, like each and every 80s cool animated film theme music, an enormous earworm, so pay attention at your individual possibility. And no matter you do, don’t pay attention to the Gummi Bears theme.

Query 10

Romulan Commander of the Narada

The textual content right here was once clearly Nero.

So this one hurts just a little. Turns out like a large number of the acquainted comedians from my early life are passing away in recent years. Norm Macdonald harm just a little closing yr, and Bob Saget stings too.

He had a super look on Gilbert Gottfried’s Superb Colossal Podcast again in 2014 that I beg you to hear.

The image of Saget is as Danny Tanner on Complete Area.

So the solution her is Danny TanNero.

Tiebreaker Bonus Query

No longer an Solution Damage. Which Hockey Corridor of Famer did I let right into a Northeastern College Hockey recreation in 1999, when the co-op scholar operating will-call didn’t acknowledge him?

Bobby Orr with NU’s Bunny Solomon in 1995.

All through the past due Nineties, and early 2000s, when I used to be in school at Northeastern, I labored within the Sports activities Data Division for the comprehensive Jack Grinold. I used to be operating a Northeastern Hockey recreation, and going from my table within the SID administrative center, in the course of the will name room by means of the principle foyer, and headed as much as the clicking field. (The Matthews Enviornment press field remains to be the most productive view I’ve had a wearing tournament anyplace, ever. You’re over the ice.)

In order I’m going in the course of the will-call price ticket administrative center, I’m stopped in my tracks by means of a face that any child who grew up in New England from the Nineteen Seventies to the 2000s knew right away. That of 1, Mr. Robert Gordon Orr.

To be honest, he performed his closing recreation for the Bruins sooner than I used to be born, however my dad would discuss him always. So I knew the face from his ever-present advertisements for BayBank.

However because it grew to become out, the work-study women operating the table didn’t know who he was once and had been flipping in the course of the checklist looking for his title. I controlled to seek out my voice and controlled to mention, “Mr. Orr, you’ll be able to head proper in.”

The solution here’s the comprehensive Bobby Orr. Thank you for taking part in, and congratulations to this month’s winners: GELF, Worf79, CptnPlanet, Stookey, and Doris.

Because of everybody who competed.

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