Update 39, Rules Of Acquisition



So this month there’s numerous new stuff. Whilst we don’t have the discharge of Deep Area 9, we do get 3 new Ferengi officials, together with the much-anticipated Quark. There’s a brand new dock, a brand new station assault analysis, and an overly, very glossy new send.

A New Dock!

new dock

So it most probably gained’t be unlocked till the weekend, however a brand new drydock will probably be to be had for avid gamers stage 30+. The catch is that simplest going to be to be had through in-app acquire. Nevertheless it doesn’t glance adore it’s going to be too dear.

Please notice that there’s no corresponding new protection platform to move with it.

With the explosion of various issues to do, new ships, and officials to the sport within the final year-plus, this will probably be a pleasing function to have.

It’ll additionally can help you use the construction to finish dailies, and rack up the speedups.

New Stuff To Mine! Latinum Listen

At first, latinum might be gained in occasions, or for opening day-to-day chests. An excessive amount of it got here from in-app purchases. After which someday, you’ll want to mine and refine uncooked latinum. And that used to be great. After which the speeds were given to the purpose the place you’d mined sufficient in order that you feasibly by no means needed to mine uncooked latinum ever once more.

We’ve come to the purpose the place it’s like every other day-to-day chest to assert, for me, anyway. I’ve were given about 250 million in uncooked latinum saved up, and I’ll most probably by no means have the ability to refine all of it. I simply get my D’Vor portions and my 1500 latinum an afternoon.

rules of acquisition concentrated latinum

However this month we get concentrated latinum. They’ll be positioned in new devoted methods this month.

My first idea is this sounds an terrible lot like concentrated orange juice. The card cans that mother would convey house within the 80s, and also you’d open the can, and sell off the contents into a tumbler. You’d then pour a undeniable collection of can-fuls of water into the pitcher, stir it up (with a wood spoon, clearly), and get one thing that kinda tasted like orange juice.

Then I wander over to the top of Buying and selling Puts, the place FCOG – Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice futures buying and selling is the crux of the film. (Bonus issues if you’ll be able to spot the overdue Richard Hunt, the voice of Scooter at the buying and selling flooring right here. While you see him, you’ll be able to by no means unsee him.)

Sorry. The tangents are over. (For now)

Again to concentrated latinum.

Sure, it’s another factor to mine. And every other factor to refine. However latinum is a great factor, and also you’ll get every other latinum refinery along with the only you have already got.

new refinery

The Concentrated Latinum Refinery gives you Latinum and D’Vor Feesha portions.

Upgrading your Feesha will give a boost to the result of your Concentrated Latinum Refinery. Right here you’ll be able to see what you’ll get at tier 2.

concentrated latinum refinery

The Latinum rewards build up moderately somewhat as you improve your send. Through tier 5, it’ll get you 3,500 latinum consistent with day. At tier 12, it can pay out 20,000 latinum on a daily basis.

The D’Vor Feesha- A Glossy New Send to Mine that New Stuff With

d'vor feesha

So right here it’s. Now not the most efficient saved secret within the recreation, however right here it’s. It’s a glittery new upgraded D’Vor. Or Piggy as I’ve all the time considered them.

Whilst there’s no send, “Feesha” in any Big name Trek canon, the phrase Feesha comes from the script of the Endeavor episode “Acquisition“. It’s from the sentence “Feesha vou dole!” which interprets to “We hit the jackpot.”

This send will simplest be a concentrated latinum miner, as it’ll provide you with no bonus to mining common uncooked latinum in anyway. So it could be a good suggestion to stay an outdated D’Vor or two round for mining uncooked lat.

Talking of your outdated D’Vor, it’s scrapping your stage 41 or upper D’Vor that can get you the blueprints in your D’Vor Feesha. That is why Scopely instructed you to have your scrapyard transparent for the brand new arc.

And if you happen to’re curious, the bottom scrap time for that D’Vor will probably be about 1 day, 15 hours, and clearly, your scrapyard stage and analysis will cut back this.

I’m running on a complete article at the Feesha, and I’ll hyperlink it right here when I’ve finished it.

Quark is right here!

new officers quark

So a brand new month, and new officials. This month, we’ve were given 3 Ferengi officials. Say that thrice speedy.

At the plus aspect, it’s nice to have Quark within the recreation, and as disillusioned as I used to be with the Martok artwork, I feel the Quark depiction is easiest.

At the problem, the 2 non-canon choices in Fess and Arrock are disappointing, particularly when you’ll want to have simply thrown in any collection of nice Ferengi characters. How significantly better would it not were to have Nog, Rom, Zek, Brunt, or any of the TNG Ferengi within the recreation? In truth, when and if we ever get Nog within the recreation, I’m going to embarrass myself gushing over the writing and function of that persona.

nog, quark and rom
Nog, Quark, and Rom from the DS9 episode, Little Inexperienced Males.

Anyway, again to the sport as it’s now.

Quark gives you a base 90% build up in your safe shipment, and an build up in your mining velocity that’s virtually as excellent because the Borg Tribble’s. Quark shards will probably be unlocked thru a mix of solo milestone occasions, fabrics spend occasions, an armada tournament (I do know, you’re groaning), and with a purchase order of the elite Fight Move.

Fess’s captain’s maneuver gives you a base build up in your mining velocity, BUT… his officer talent will in reality REDUCE your safe shipment. You’ll have the ability to get a complete liberate of Fess with the Elite Fight Move.

Arrock is your concentrated latinum officer. His captain’s maneuver gives you a 6500% spice up in your mining velocity of the brand new stuff. His officer talent gives you an extra mining velocity bonus for the whole lot. Arrock shards will probably be to be had within the Fight Move and from tournament rewards. They’ll even be to be had for in-app acquire.

You’ll need Arrock in your D’Vor Feesha.

That’s proper, you’ll wanna rock!

I’m so sorry. We took the youngsters final yr to Santa’s Village in New Hampshire. When my son and I have been at the Ferris Wheel, each and every of the vehicles had the caution on them, “Do Now not Rock.” Whilst we have been ready to get off the rid, I instructed him concerning the track, and sang “I wanna rock!”, after which had him reply with “Do Now not Rock.”

New Top Analysis

prime station assault

The final large factor this month, there’s a brand spanking new top analysis, that gives you an enormous harm spice up when attacking stations.

Different Notes for this Month

  • Stay a watch out, as there’s a Piggy vs. Piggy tournament coming this month.
  • No adjustments to the Latinum Rush tournament simply but, however they’re coming.
  • Be careful for Dabo tables this month. Those will probably be in a different way so that you can earn Quark, Fess and Arrock shards.
  • No phrase about Dom-jot, and in point of fact unfortunately, no Tongo. We want Tongo, Scopely. Confront.
  • We’ll get one run for Para Bellum, and two for Jellyfish Brawl. Those occasions will each be someday each and every.