Valkyrie Connect Best Characters Tier List


On the earth of Function-Enjoying video games, now we have identified many noted video games and from the ones all-famous video games, one glorious role-playing sport is Valkyrie attach. It’s approx. six years for the reason that maximum explosive release of this superb sport. With the entire options that this sport comes with and the ton of characters for accumulating and upgrading for avid gamers. 

On this superb role-playing sport Valkyrie connects there are greater than 600 heroes and that’s made it very laborious for the avid gamers for making their dream crew. Due to this fact, on this article, you’re going to to find one of the vital perfect and worthy characters tier record.  The entire worthy and perfect characters had been being divided into 5 other tiers, that are Tier S, Tier A, Tier B, Tier C, and Tier D. Remember the fact that Tier S comes below probably the most robust persona on this sport whilst Tier D is going to worst one. So, let’s get began.

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Tier S

Those are probably the most overpowered characters in Valkyrie Attach.

  • Dragon Woman Nuut (Kind – Melee, Part – Hearth)
  • Woke up Shalltear Bloodfallen (Kind – Melee, Part – Gentle)
  • Omnicatalyst Sortishia (Kind – Magic, Part – Different)
  • Vindicator Seraphiel (Kind – Magic, Part – Gentle)
  • Catalyst Sortishia (Kind – Magic, Part – Gentle)
  • Catalyst Alfana (Kind – Magic, Part – Gentle)
  • Holy Evening Sortishia (Kind – Magic, Part – Different)
  • Vindicator Supervisor (Kind – Ranged, Part – Different)
  • Sloth Scion Velfell (Kind – Ranged, Part – Earth)
Valkyrie Connect Best Tier ListValkyrie Connect Best Tier List

Tier A

All the ones characters that are discussed under also are robust however no longer as a lot Tier SS, you’ll play all the ones characters as the ones characters are by no means going to disappoint you within the Valkyrie Attach sport.

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  • Hen God Xingfu (Kind – Melee, Part – Hearth)
  • Inflamed Sif (Kind – Melee, Part – Darkish)
  • Vindicator Fotma (Kind – Melee, Part – Earth)
  • Vindicator Borr (Kind – Magic, Part – Gentle)
  • Titan-Attacking Dielle (Kind – Magic, Part – Different)
  • Wave Daughter Bylgja (Kind – Magic, Part – Different)
  • Famous person Saint Noa (Kind – Magic, Part – Different)
  • Woke up Narberal (Kind – Magic, Part – Gentle)
  • Vindicator Gefion (Kind – Magic, Part – Darkish)
  • Woke up Esquire (Kind – Ranged, Part – Gentle)
  • Catalyst Verosa (Kind – Ranged, Part – Hearth)
  • Woke up Levi (Kind – Ranged, Part – Gentle)
  • Horrible Twister (Kind – Ranged, Part – Earth)
  • Woke up Vampire Lord Evileye (Kind – Ranged, Part – Hearth)
Valkyrie Connect Character listValkyrie Connect Character list

Tier B

The entire heroes on this Valkyrie Attach which come below Tier Record A can also be mentioned as above-average heroes.

  • Advent God Izanagi (Kind – Melee, Part – Gentle)
  • Tortoise God Guangmei (Kind – Melee, Part – Earth)
  • Vindicator Valtus (Kind – Melee, Part – Gentle)
  • Pink God Frey (Kind – Melee, Part – Hearth)
  • Vindicator Thrym (Kind – Melee, Part – Hearth)
  • Albedo (Kind – Melee, Part – )
  • All-powerful Vili (Kind – Magic, Part – Different)
  • Catalyst Elineige (Kind – Magic, Part – Water)
  • Shrine Woman Kanna (Kind – Magic, Part – )
  • Jolly Caroler Miku (Kind – Magic, Part – Darkish)
  • Daylight God Sol (Kind – Magic, Part – Gentle)
  • Catalyst Vili (Kind – Magic, Part – Gentle)
  • Woke up Mavis Vermillion (Kind – Ranged, Part – Gentle)
  • Time Knight Chrossy (Kind – Ranged, Part – Different)
  • Summer season Scion Frigg (Kind – Ranged, Part – Gentle)
  • Vindicator Hrimthurs (Kind – Ranged, Part – Water)
  • Catalyst Melveryn (Kind – Ranged, Part – Darkish)
  • Mad Pumpkin Mogthrasir (Kind – Ranged, Part – Darkish)
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Tier C

The entire heroes on this Valkyrie Attach which come below Tier Record A can also be mentioned as common heroes.

  • Catalyst Bergelmir (Kind – Melee, Part – Earth)
  • Woke up Roveria (Kind – Melee, Part – Water)
  • Judging God Forseti (Kind – Melee, Part – Gentle)
  • Catalyst Sanngrid (Kind – Melee, Part – Darkish)
  • Imperial Knight Viola (Kind – Melee, Part – Gentle)
  • Deceased God Izanami (Kind – Melee, Part – Darkish)
  • Woke up Valkyrie Miku (Kind – Melee, Part – Earth)
  • Woke up Bewitching CS Mage Lucy (Kind – Melee, Part – Water)
  • Fairy Cenia (Kind – Melee, Part – Earth)
  • Famous person God Kaworu (Kind – Melee, Part – Darkish)
  • Catalyst Morphea (Kind – Ranged, Part – Different)
  • Mistletoe Wielder Mistel (Kind – Ranged, Part – Earth)
  • Solar God Asuka (Kind – Ranged, Part – Hearth)
  • Woke up Lustful Succubus Albedo (Kind – Ranged, Part – Darkish)
  • Darkish Beast Tamer Luce (Kind – Ranged, Part – Darkish)
  • Valkyrie Herja (Kind – Ranged, Part – Darkish)
  • Raindropper Paso (Kind – Ranged, Part – Water)
Valkyrie Connect Character guideValkyrie Connect Character guide

Tier D

All the ones heroes that are discussed below this Tier should be thought to be slightly viable for PvP content material on this sport. You’ll be able to most effective use them provided that you haven’t any different selection for a specific slot.

  • Erza Scarlet (Kind – Melee, Part – Hearth)
  • Vindicator Celestia (Kind – Melee, Part – Gentle)
  • Jail Empress Avencia (Kind – Melee, Part – Darkish)
  • Saitama (Kind – Melee, Part – Gentle)
  • Woke up Ulin (Kind – Melee, Part – Water)
  • Valkyrie Rota (Kind – Magic, Part – Water)
  • Evileye (Kind – Magic, Part – Darkish)
  • Spirit Grasp Gaia (Kind – Magic, Part – Hearth)
  • Gatherer Aludra (Kind – Magic, Part – Hearth)
  • Sunny Summer season Noa (Kind – Ranged, Part – Different)
  • Acrobat Kururu (Kind – Ranged, Part – Water)
  • Darkish Famous person Helblindi (Kind – Ranged, Part – Darkish)
  • Pirate Lorone (Kind – Ranged, Part – Different)
  • Boar God Kubira (Kind – Ranged, Part – Earth)
  • Musician Musika (Kind – Ranged, Part – Water)
  • Twin Horn Raspi (Kind – Ranged, Part – Darkish)
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This is all concerning the Valkyrie Attach Tier Record. We are hoping Valkyrie Attach Tier Record will can help you for assembling one of the most perfect groups. You’ll be able to obtain Valkyrie Attach from Google Play and the App Retailer. For more info, you’ll additionally take a look at  Valkyrie Connect Official Twitter Account. Satisfied Gaming!

Additionally, LearnValkyrie Attach: Inexperienced persons Information and Pointers and Methods


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